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Maybe you are a butterfly already.  Maybe a caterpillar, like most of us.  A butterfly knows the caterpillars and their capabilities.  The caterpillars have no clue about the nature and capabilities of butterflies.  If they ever look up and see them fly by they might think: “What a beautiful and extraordinary creature is that?”

But this is not very likely as caterpillars don’t look up much.  Instead they eat and crawl and mate and sleep and eat and crawl and mate and sleep.  They don’t know that they have it in them to become a butterfly. 

It is similar with people.  They eat and work and mate and sleep and eat and work and mate and sleep.  They also hardly look up or they may notice that once in a while a human being passes by, radiant in joy, ease and love.  If they do look up, a longing stirs within them and they might remember something about becoming such an enlightened human being themselves, like a distant dream.  This dream is there in everyone of us.

Some caterpillars crawling on branches don’t turn into beautiful butterflies but into moths instead.  These caterpillars who turn into moths are considered to be pests.

You don’t need to fear that you could turn into a human moth version.  Human beings turn into human butterfly versions.  However, unlike the crawling caterpillars who are biologically programmed for this transformation, we human beings have to use our free will to transform ourselves.

Now you might think: “How is this possible?  How can I ever transform myself?”

Remember, these times are times of transformation.  The winds of change are blowing around our globe.  Every day you are given the chance to make good choices.

Every decision you make from love, compassion, wisdom, kindness, freedom, integrity, joy and respect for all beings  – helps to transform you into a butterfly.

Brigitte Novalis