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When I am in a cheerful state, life is so easy. My days are filled with warmth and a bright glow. Miracles seem to happen all around me. If you would take a non-human snapshot of me, I would look like this kitten or this pup.

When I am in a cheerful state, I find it hard to understand why I could ever think that life is difficult – let alone, experience it!

Alas, that is not always true for me. There are days when my energy spirals downward and I am far from being relaxed and at ease. Then the world around me is losing some of its warmth and glow. Instead, it seems a bit colder and darker, with sharper edges and harsher sounds. 

You have experienced this, too, at times, right? We all sit in the same boat, one humanity living on one planet.

It’s good to remember, though, that you can snap out of it. Whether it’s easy for you or difficult – you CAN relax and consequently be at ease. You have this inbuilt source of love and joy, trust and well-being, and you can tap into and feel it.

How can you do this? As a start, just by looking at this picture with the kitten and the pup – which are so relaxed and trusting – you can allow similar emotions to emerge in you. “Trusting”, yes, that is the secret, they trust each other. They don’t “know” that cats and dogs are supposed to fight with each other. They know better. They trust in their friendship.

When you look at this picture, you get the impression that they don’t anticipate trouble but instead trust in life. 

What a wonderful life, isn’t it? And you can have it. When your energies spiral downward, remember that you can rise again. Whether it’s easy for you or difficult – you CAN relax and consequently be at ease.

Relax. Be at ease.

Brigitte Novalis