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Magic Of Fairy Tales


The prince is talented, brave and kind, and beloved by all, but one thing he wants more than anything else: adventure.

When a wandering minstrel comes to the castle and tells the story of a bewitched princess whose suitors are all mysteriously killed by tigers, the brave prince sets off to rescue the princess from the magic spell.

But on his way, he happens upon a dragon. 

Does the prince survive long enough to save the princess?  

This story of castles and dragons, bravery and love enchants children and adults alike.

The Wizard and the Little Prince

He wanders from kingdom to kingdom. As punishment for his abuse of magic, with which he has harmed people, the wizard lost the art of magic and no king will let him live in his country.

Weary from his travels, the wizard arrives at a kingdom that is unlike any other he has seen in his wanderings. Here he experiences laughter, friendly faces and joyful preparations for a feast.

Is this a kingdom where he could start a new life?

This new and beautifully illustrated fairy tale enchants both children and adults.


In the mountains, far from here, a young man lives alone, tending his garden and crops, wishing that he had a friend to speak to.
Then one day he picks a particularly beautiful apple from his tree and is astounded to find that it can talk. With his wishes fulfilled, the young man develops a friendship with the magical apple. His life seems to be at peace, until one night a storm sweeps through the valley and destroys his home.
With nothing left to keep him there, he embarks on a journey which takes him down the mountain and into the plain, until he comes upon a mysterious castle where a princess of glass is hidden in an old oaken cabinet.
The young man knows that she must be saved, but the dangers he will have to face in order to do so will lead him to the toughest decision of his life.
This story of magic and adventure, loyalty and love enchants children and adults alike.


In a land, far from here, there live a prince and a princess, never able to see one another as one kingdom is ruled by night and the other by day.  One society dissolves into mist at the setting of the sun, while the other awakens only to drift into sleep at sunrise. And all in just three heartbeats.

But one evening, as the prince of the Sun Kingdom rests by a lake before falling asleep, he sees the image of a beautiful princess in the water.  In just three heartbeats she is gone from his sight, but her memory remains, embedded in his heart for all time.

Each evening before he sleeps, he waits by the lake and sees her.  And she sees him.  They are in love but do not know how they can ever be together.

Are they destined to be together, or to live a life apart, dissolving into mist within three heartbeats?

 This story of sunshine and moonlight, love and adventure enchants children and adults alike.