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The nights are still long and dark in my part of the world. The wind is cold. The ground is frozen. Trees and bushes are bare.

I long for spring – for birdsong, leaves, green grass, and flowers, for balmy air, and warm rain.  But I cannot deny it – winter is still here.

As winter is here, I better make my peace with it. As I cannot hasten the seasons, I better cherish what I have.

Winter or not – my house is still comfortable. My sofas are still soft. As I turn on more lamps, it is already brighter. As I drink hot tea and put on a warm jacket, I am already warmer. When it is cold outside and you rather stay home in the evening, what a pleasure it is to read a book, curled up on the sofa, or to listen to good music, or to have a pleasant conversation with a family member or friend! Winter evenings can bring you the leisure you so often miss in life. It is so easy to find contentment when you look for it!

“Looking for it” – that’s the secret. Look for comfort and you will find it. Look for trouble and you will find that as well. It seems it is best to look for the things we really enjoy, right?

Winter is still here. Let’s make our peace with it. We cannot hasten the seasons or life itself. Life has its own rhythms, its own timing.

The trees are still bare, but their buds are protected against the chilly winds. When the timing is right, the buds will open and leaves and blossoms will come forth.

Brigitte Novalis