" /> Your Light – Do You Let It Shine? | Brigitte Novalis Books

In the darkest days of the year, we light candles. We cherish the light shining in the darkness. We celebrate the light. We hope for the “light to return.”

As we do so, we look at the light outside of us. As uplifting as that is – what about your own light? What about your own high energies of love, joy, and friendship?

Loving yourself and others lets your light shine brighter. By the way, when I talk about “others,” I don’t think just of people. The “others” I also have in mind are those we share our world with – dogs and cats and fish and birds. The “others” are trees and flowers, rocks and rivers, the air we breathe, the sunshine that warms us.

“Strange thought”, you might think, maybe even “New Age nonsense”.

But is it really? Is there any religion on earth which does not believe in the omnipresence of God? There is none. Omnipresence – you know what that means, right? Present everywhere.

When you think it through you grasp that the god force is present in empty space as well as in things, people, creatures, and the earth herself. Present in atoms and sparks of energy. Present in the stars, in our Milky Way and far beyond.

Loving yourself and all life around you is shining your light. It is a huge gift to yourself and all others. Yes, to yourself as well. Loving YOURSELF truly, with all your heart and unconditionally is so magnificent that angels will bow to you, not to your body but to your soul.

Your light – let it shine!


Brigitte Novalis